Levy Central - New Buyer Development
New Buyer Development

Client Administrative Set Up for New Buyers

Often, a new client will come to Levy Central with a complete slate of buyer contact information with which to populate their new specialized commodity database. That's always great! But what if staffing complement or timelines don't allow for this sort of specialized information compilation? What if you know the names and general telephone number of each of your buyers but not the specific telephone or e-mail contact information, the mailing address or name of the individual who will be handling your specific commodity - all of the information that is required from a client partner for set up?

Why not use the time that you would have devoted to this task toward your own mandate of enhancing producer competitiveness and profitability? Our expertise ensures a successful connection with your buyers to determine complete, accurate and productive contact information!

  • Each individual buyer on your list will be contacted by telephone to determine whether they will be purchasing your commodity.
  • Each individual buyer contact, as well as the direct telephone number, e-mail and mailing address will be determined.
  • Each individual buyer contact will subsequently be e-mailed a buyer registration package, developed in concert with you, and tailored to your organization's requirements and the Regulatory requirements governing your organization.
  • Follow up is conducted by telephone or e-mail with each individual buyer until that completed buyer registration renewal is received.
  • Your individual commodity database is updated with each individual buyer's current information which will be available to you via your remote access once your specialized database has been built.
  • Each returned and completed buyer registration form will be provided to you along with an Excel spreadsheet detailing each buyer's contact information.