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Election Services

Agricultural Industry Election Services

Whether or not you are currently a client partner, we are pleased to offer our services to the agricultural industry as a Returning Officer and/or Scrutineer, to help you ensure a stress-free, successful election outcome.

Prior to contracting for this service we will hold extensive discussions with you to best determine the type of election you expect and the requirements that you have based upon that expectation and your Regulatory requirements. A copy of your Regulations will be requested to ensure strict adherence in all aspects of your election activities.

Do you need professional assistance to create an accurate and impactful ballot package which will ensure maximum voter return? We have the expertise to help with that! We can liaise with your printer (or our own) as well as with Canada Post to ensure that your voter package is delivered on time and on budget to your eligible voters.

Let us tailor an elections package to your specific requirements. We can assist with an Election by Acclamation or an Election by Paper Ballot and will also work with you and your electronic ballot provider if a combined paper and electronic election is anticipated.

Election by Acclamation:
  1. Nominations are received from candidates
  2. Nominations are verified and candidates are contacted if verification is not possible to ensure that they are able to submit a valid nomination prior to nomination deadline
  3. Declaration of Election by Acclamation

Election by Ballot:
  1. Step 1 and 2, above
  2. Declare that an Election by Ballot will occur
  3. Generate and Edit Voter’s list (or receive your list if you are not a current client partner)
  4. Receive Paper Ballot Envelopes and validate according to your Regulations
  5. Open Paper Ballot Envelopes and count votes
  6. Declare Election by Ballot results
  7. Provide you with a written election report including an overview of unverified and spoiled ballots
  8. Destroy paper ballots and election materials in accordance with your Regulations

Combined Electronic and Paper Election:
  1. Step 1 and 2, above
  2. Generate, Edit and Deliver Voter's list to your electronic ballot provider (if you are a current client partner)
  3. Receive Paper Ballot Envelopes and validate according to your Regulations
  4. Open Paper Ballot Envelopes and count votes
  5. Receive electronic vote count from your electronic ballot provider
  6. Combine electronic vote count with paper ballot vote count to determine final candidate tally
  7. Declare Election Results
  8. Step 10 and 11, above


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