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Database Services

Database Accuracy Guaranteed

At Levy Central we are always aware that the integrity and validity of your producer and buyer data is crucial to your organization. Ensuring this is our constant objective. If you discover an issue with the information contained within the database, we'll work hard, as soon as we hear from you, to make it right.

A stringent system of checks and balances has been developed over many years to guarantee the veracity of the information held within each Client's individual database. This precautionary system is implemented on a rotational basis. Included in this system are a number of specific targeted reports which are designed to determine the reliability of the data entered. The system is continually double- and triple-checked to ensure the accuracy and dependability of Client data. Some of the in-house systems checks to safeguard the validity of Client data include:

  • Tonnage and levy reported by buyers are checked before entering to ensure the calculation is correct.
  • Data entry totals are checked to ensure they match the reported figures.
  • If the data is imported, net tonnes and levy totals are checked to ensure they are correct. If not, an adjustment is made or the buyer is contacted.
  • Producer reports are run on a periodic basis, duplicate producers are merged and necessary corrections to towns, postal codes and other address components are implemented.
  • Delinquent buyer reports are run as per individual Client Regulations, and at least weekly thereafter until all tardy buyer reports and levy check-off remittances have been received.
  • All aspects of remittance cheques are scrutinized prior to entering and depositing.
  • Deposit totals are double-checked prior to depositing the cheque and the deposit summary sheet is checked to ensure it matches the database deposit total.
  • A reconciliation of levy report totals, cheque and direct deposits received and Accounts Receivables is generated monthly.