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Buyer Registration Renewal Services

Leverage Our System

Our tested and true buyer registration renewal system lets us assist you to keep your important commodity buyer list current. Whether an annual registration is required by Regulation, a great opportunity to communicate directly with your buyers and keep that crucial buyer data fresh and applicable, or both - we are here to help you get it done. Entrust this task to us and we guarantee that when we're finished, your buyer list and data will be completely up to date.

  1. Your Client Service Representative will work with you to develop your buyer documents to your standards.
  2. Once you approve all documents, your Representative will put the buyer registration renewal package together and e-mail it to your buyers.
  3. Follow up is conducted by your Representative with each individual buyer, on at least a weekly basis, for one full month after the deadline for receipt indicated on the buyer registration forms. Thereafter, we work in concert with you to ensure the buyer registration form is received.
  4. Your individual commodity database is updated with buyer’s current information which will be immediately available to you via your remote access.
  5. Each returned and completed buyer registration form will be provided to you along with an Excel spreadsheet detailing each buyer’s contact information.